Thailand Elite Visa Diamond Membership for UK Citizens

Looking for the pinnacle of luxury and convenience for your life in the Land of Smiles? The Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. has introduced the Thailand Elite Visa for UK Citizens: Thai Elite Visa Diamond Membership, offering a special opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Thai culture, beauty, and hospitality on a long-term basis. 

This exclusive membership is ideal for discerning British travelers and expats desiring a luxurious stay in Thailand without a long and tedious application journey. Regardless of your plans and intentions for visiting the country, Diamond membership’s exclusive benefits and convenient Elite Visa will enhance every aspect of your time in the Kingdom.

What is the Thailand Elite Visa Diamond Membership?

Launched as a government initiative, the Thailand Privilege program aims to attract affluent visitors and residents, offering them an array of privileges that make Thailand stand out as not just a travel destination, but also as a second home. While there are several tiers available to suit the different needs of applicants, Diamond membership includes a comprehensive range of benefits that are only exceeded by the exclusive Reserve tier, which is available only through invitation.

Key Features of the Thailand Elite Visa Diamond Membership

  • Membership Validity: 15 years
  • Membership Fee (primary applicant): 2.5 million THB (approximately £54,400)
  • Membership Fee (additional applicants): 1.5 million THB (approximately £32,620)
  • Privilege Points: 55 points per year

Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership includes numerous privileges, making it the ideal visa choice for long-term stays and luxury living in Thailand. This membership also allows you to add your family members to the package for a reduced price. You also get more flexibility in choosing your privileges, as the points feature allows you to customize your rewards instead of locking you into a standard set. 

The central benefits of Diamond membership include, but are not limited to:

  • A 5-year multiple-entry visa, renewable twice for up to a total of 15 years in Thailand.
  • Automatic inclusion into the privilege points feature, allowing you to choose any of the privileges available with a hefty 55 points per year.
  • A streamlined application process, offering, free from the usual complexities associated with visa applications.
  • Priority access to Premium Lane at airports to ensure fast-track immigration, allowing for swift entry into the country.
  • Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) services assist with a range of needs, from greeting members such as yourself to escorting you to the Premium Lane.
  • Comprehensive health check-ups and personal accident insurance, prioritizing your health and safety during your extended stay.
  • Exclusive hospitality benefits such as luxury hotel stays and spa treatments, offering moments of relaxation and indulgence.
  • Entertainment and dining privileges, letting you savor Thailand’s renowned culinary delights and entertainment scene, enhancing the cultural experience.
  • Access to professional advice on investment and wealth management, providing valuable insights for making informed decisions while residing in Thailand.

Additional Benefits and Upgrades 

Ideal for those seeking the longest possible membership term

Diamond membership is recommended if you’re looking to stay in Thailand for the longest possible membership term, especially considering that the 20+ years Reserve membership is only available via a formal invitation. It offers the highest level of benefits to the public and could potentially lead to an invitation for the 20+ year Reserve membership later down the line.  

Digital nomads, people desiring to turn Thailand into a permanent home, or retirees will find Diamond membership to be an attractive choice, as it allows them to stay for a lot longer in Thailand without having to concern themselves with upgrade fees or processes. 

A Segue into a Life of Luxury

For UK citizens seeking an upgrade from other Thailand Elite tiers, transitioning to the Diamond membership is straightforward, offering an expansion of specialized privileges and services. This ease of upgrade ensures that you can effortlessly enhance your experience and enjoy the full spectrum of what the Diamond membership has to offer. As a current Diamond member, you are also entitled to upgrade to the Reserve membership package, provided you have an invitation from the Thailand Privilege authority to apply for it. A fixed upgrade fee of 100,000 THB (approximately £2,170) as well as an additional membership fee of 2,500,000 THB (approximately £54,400) are needed. 

Streamlined Application and Immigration

Diamond membership simplifies the application process, making the visa accessible to a broader audience compared to the old Elite Visa program. Eligible individuals now include those transitioning from education visas and citizens of nations that were once excluded from Elite Visa eligibility, so you’ll have an easier time acquiring this long-term visa in Thailand than any other.

Application Process

Embarking on the journey to secure your Thailand Privilege Diamond membership is best done with personalized support. 

Before beginning your application, engage with a government-authorized General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) to assist you with your needs. These certified organizations are partnered with the government to provide free assistance to Thailand Privilege applicants.

A GSSA will first host a consultation session with you to help you determine whether the Diamond membership is a good fit for you, making it easier for you to make an informed decision. They will also review your application fully before submitting it on your behalf. This helps raise the chances of your application being approved significantly higher than if you were to apply without applying through a GSSA. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to apply for Thailand Privilege Diamond membership:

  • Gather Documentation: Begin by gathering the necessary documents required in order to submit your application. If you are unsure of what you need, your GSSA will provide you with a checklist. These documents include:
    • A Thailand Elite Diamond Membership application form for core members
    • A Thailand Elite Diamond Membership application form for additional members (if the core applicant wants to add family members)
    • A Membership Application Fee Payment Form
    • A valid passport copy (in color, with passport signature visible)
    • A recent passport-sized photograph (in color)
    • Supplementary documents (if applying with family or as a current or past holder of an ED Visa) 
  • Application Submission: Hand your application over to your agent, who will review your application and determine whether it is fully complete and ready to be submitted.
  • Background Check: With your documents ready, the GSSA will submit your application alongside the one-time application fee of 50,000 THB (approximately £1,090). Following submission, an immigration officer will review your application for the background check and grant you payment instructions upon its completion.
  • Payment of Membership Fee: If you pass your background check, you will then receive an approval letter and payment instructions. Subsequently, you will have 30 days to pay your membership over to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.
  • Approval and Visa Acquisition: Upon receiving approval, you will be guided through the steps to obtain your Thailand Elite Visa, including how to get it affixed to your travel documents and how to apply for the physical membership card.
  • Embracing Elite Privileges: With the visa in hand, you officially become a part of the Elite community and now have access to all the available privileges at your disposal. 

Timeline and Duration:

  • The application process for Diamond membership typically unfolds over 1 to 3 months, influenced by factors such as nationality and specific requirements.
  • Background checks are expected to be completed within 4 to 6 weeks, with payment confirmation following within 1-2 weeks thereafter.
  • The welcome kit, signaling the start of your elite experience, should arrive within 5 to 10 working days after your payment has been cleared.

Applying through Siam Legal

If you’re looking to apply, reach out to Siam Legal International, one of the most successful leading GSSAs in Thailand. At Siam Legal, we prioritize an efficient application process for the Thailand Elite Diamond Membership for UK Nationals, ensuring that your journey toward securing this prestigious status is free of the common pitfalls often found in visa applications.

From the initial consultation to the moment your Thailand Elite Visa is affixed to your passport, our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, guiding you towards realizing your dream of an extended stay in Thailand and simplifying the application experience. With Siam Legal by your side, the application process for a Thailand Elite Visa becomes clearer and easier. Best of all, we offer all our Thailand Elite Visa services for free thanks to government subsidies.

Here’s why Siam Legal is the premier choice for your Diamond membership application:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team provides personalized support throughout the application process, ensuring that all your documents are accurately prepared and ready before submission. This expertise minimizes the risk of delays or rejections, streamlining your path to membership.
  • Comprehensive Support: From your first inquiry to the finalization of your visa, Siam Legal offers comprehensive support. We are always available to answer your questions, provide legal advice, and assist you in leveraging the full spectrum of your Diamond membership benefits, alleviating all your stress during the application.
  • Free Consultation Sessions: Take advantage of our no-cost consultation sessions on legal and immigration matters. Tailored to address your specific needs, these sessions provide valuable insights and advice to navigate the application process effectively. This helps you in making an informed decision on which membership is the right fit for you.
  • Additional Services and Rewards: Our support extends beyond the application process. We assist with opening a Thai bank account, offer notary services, and provide a VIP telephone number for ongoing legal and immigration support, all without additional charges if you use us as your primary GSSA. 
  • Transparent Costs: With Siam Legal, the costs associated with your Diamond membership are transparent and straightforward. We ensure that there are no hidden fees, providing you with clear, upfront pricing so you can fully understand the value of your investment.


Securing a Thailand Elite Diamond Membership and the Thai Elite Visa through Siam Legal is the easiest way to achieve your dream of residing in Thailand. From the comprehensive and exclusive benefits to the hassle-free application and renewal processes, every aspect of the membership is designed to facilitate an easy and rewarding life in the Land of Smiles.

With Siam Legal by your side, the application process is demystified, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — enjoying the beauty and hospitality of Thailand. Our expertise ensures that every step of your application is handled with care and precision, making your transition into the elite world of Thailand Privilege as stress-free as possible.

Are you ready to elevate your stay in Thailand with the Thailand Elite Visa for UK Citizens: Diamond membership? Contact Siam Legal today to begin:

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