Marriage Registration in Thailand

When considering Thailand as a wedding destination, the British couple or the British national with a Thai fiancée must familiarize themselves with the procedure in making their marriage in the Kingdom legal. This is to make sure that such marriage is enforceable not just in the Thailand but also in United Kingdom and in other countries as well.

They may opt to have their wedding in traditional Thai, on a wedding conducted by the monks or on a ceremony that is widely used around the world. Yet, whatever the type of wedding it would be, to make it legal and enforceable, it must be registered at the Amphur and the said office should issue them with a marriage certificate as proof of its registration.


Since they chose Thailand as their wedding venue, they must adhere to the eligibility requirements set by the country:

  • Both parties should be aged 17 years old and above or they should be at the marriageable age imposed in their country, in this case the UK, the marriageable age is 16 although they may be required for parental consent until certain age. Also, there can be a chance that the court may grant their wish to marry before attaining such age but only upon presenting an appropriate reason.
  • Neither of them is adjudged to be insane or incompetent.
  • Both parties should not be related by blood in direct ascendant or descendant line. They must not be brother or sister in full or half blood or that they should not be in prohibited degrees of relationship.
  • If they are adopted, they should not have the same adoptive parents.
  • They should be free to marry each other.


In order for such marriage to be eligible for registration, both parties should submit the requirements documents such as:

  • Thai Nationals
    • National Identification Card
    • House Registration Certificate
  • British Nationals
    • Valid Passport
    • Arrival Card
    • Affirmation of Freedom to Marry which can be obtained at the British Embassy.
    • Translated copies of affidavits done by a Foreign Ministry-approved translator.

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