Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite Visa is your member-exclusive gateway into beautiful Thailand. With membership packages, personal assistant options and legally protected visa benefits that are fast tracked to get you experiencing the rich culture of Thailand more quickly than normal visa applications.

Get your passport ready and make arrangements to travel to Thailand with the Elite Visa Program approved by the government.

Who needs the Thailand Elite Visa?

If you want a low-stress residency experience, Thailand Elite Visa is best suited for you. Influencers, digital nomads, travellers, wanderers, dreamers and retirees will all love the ease of having a visa that allows them to stay and travel in Thailand for 5 to 20 years. Eliminate the stress of having to constantly face paperwork, interviews and keeping on top of the ever-changing and complicated rules or regulations about residency.

If you are a business owner, representative, executive or proprietor this visa gives you the freedom to innovate and travel to Thailand without the hassle of paperwork. Freely invest time, effort and money into Thailand and support this beautiful country through investment and growth.

Travellers who expect a certain level of experience will love this visa. It offers up some enticing perks, such as skipping lines, embassies and document support, along with an array of important luxury benefits within the package.

Thailand Elite Visa Program

What makes Thai Elite Visa special?

Residency options are affordable for UK travellers. For example, the exchange starts at around £14,000 for five years of residency and up to approximately £24,000 for the 20-year Thailand Elite visa.

Asides from low hassle travel, the visa will allow you access to an exclusive personal assistant that can welcome you at the airport, assist in travel and help you get to your accommodation or residence with ease. You will receive private access to airport lounge areas that are specifically for Thailand Elite members, which will help keep your overall journey running smoothly. In addition to this, a golf club membership will be offered to you, along with discounts on luxury services and other needs while you are visiting or living your dream in Thailand.

Your money will take you further in Thailand where there is a low-cost of living for the benefits you receive as a long-term resident. Enjoy the local delectable cuisine, fascinating sites, cultural events and other Thai-exclusive events while you are enjoying the VIP benefits of the elite visa. Unlike other visas available, the elite visa will offer you the privilege of opening a Thai bank account, which will set you on your way for everyday transactions and personal savings.

Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite Visa Cost

The first level is the basic Thailand Privilege Gold Membership Package. For 900,000 THB you can remain a resident for up to 5 years. The permit to stay will be issued for 1 year period at a time.

Other Thailand Elite special benefits include:

  • VIP airport transportation
  • Personal assistant
  • Expedited immigration and processing
  • Limousine for travel to and from the airport, hotel or residence
  • Government concierge
  • Bank account assistance
  • Restaurant, hotels, spa, golf and other discounts
  • Member exclusive contact centre open 24 hours for assistance

The packages increase in stay time and family members from this foundational package and the benefits are largely the similar. The other Thailand Elite packages are as follows (cost subject to change according to government changes and regulations):

  • Gold Membership Package
    • 5-year visa
    • THB 900,000
    • 20 Privilege Points
  • Platinum Membership Package
    • 10-year visa
    • THB 1,500,000
    • 35 Privilege Points
  • Diamond Membership Package
    • 15-year visa
    • THB 2,500,000
    • 55 Privilege Points
  • Reserve Membership Package (by invitation only)
    • 20-year visa
    • THB 5,000,000
    • 120 Privilege Points

Introducing the Privilege Points System

The Thailand Privilege program introduces a new feature known as the Privilege Points System. Under this system, members have specific allocation of privilege points annually, and the quantity determined by their membership tier. These points are reset at the start of each new year. For example, GOLD members receive 20 privilege points annually. These points can typically be redeemed at varying rates, such as 1, 2, or 3 points per redemption, among others.

Thailand Elite Visa Requirements

Thai Elite Visa Requirements and Application

In order to qualify for the Thai Elite Visa, you must not have any criminal background in any other country. All applicants must not have been subject to bankruptcy proceedings in the past, not must they have abused or overstayed their welcome in Thailand. Lastly, you must be a foreign citizen of the countries eligible to apply for the Thailand Elite visa.

Step 1: Thailand Elite Application and Background Check

The documentation needed to start the Thai Elite process are as follows:

  • Copy of identification page of a passport
  • Coloured photo ID
  • Completed application, which is available online
  • Copy of proof of relationship as an immediate family member or core member if travelling with family

Digital copy of any of these documents can easily be emailed over, which makes it easy to complete the process without ever leaving the comfort of your home. If you find yourself travelling at the time, you can also complete it on-the-go using a mobile device. The background check and application will take 3 weeks to 5 weeks depending on the nationality of the applicant.

Step 2: Payment of Membership Fee

The second part of the application process is payment of the membership fee through multiple payment methods such as bank transfer or by credit card. The clearing period of Thailand Elite payment will take around one week. After the payment has been confirmed by Thailand Elite, the new member will receive the welcome letter and instruction on how to affix the Thailand Elite Visa.

Step 3: Affix the Thailand Elite Visa

Lastly, the Thailand Elite member may decide how to affix the Thai Elite Visa in the passport. For those members who are currently abroad, it is possible to affix the visa at the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country. For those Thailand Elite members who are planning to enter Thailand as a tourist, the Thailand Elite Visa will be affixed at the Bangkok immigration office as well as for those who are currently in Thailand, they may be able to affix the Thai Elite visa at the Bangkok immigration office.

It is also important to bear in mind that, once you have your Thailand Elite visa, you cannot have a work permit, meaning you cannot take part in any type of work in Thailand that generates income. However, you can invest or hold company shares and interest, which is a bonus in a fast-growing economy of the country. Thai Elite Visa holders may obtain a driver’s license, purchase some properties, vehicles and open a bank account. Remember, you can also enjoy those luxury perks and discounts as you travel and enjoy the beauty of Thailand.


Experiencing Thailand is an ultimate experience for travellers, business executives, artists, writers, digital nomads and those who are wanderers at heart. Set yourself free of some of the usual hassle of applying for a visa in another country by truly investing in Thailand and using the Thailand Elite residence benefits for 5, 10 or even 20 years. Make the most of your retirement in Thailand and experience the welcoming, rich culture you will never forget.

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Siam Legal International has been providing immigration services for over 17 years in the Kingdom of Thailand. We are a registered sales agent with the Thailand Elite Visa program. Our goal is to assist you step by step through the Thai Elite visa application process and answering any questions you may have along the way.

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