Divorce in Thailand

In Thailand, there are two types of divorce with one involving a process that is really straightforward while the other involves a more demanding procedure.

The Thai contested divorce is the type of divorce that requires much effort from the involved parties as it needs the court to approve the dissolution of their marriage. Furthermore, since it involves the court, it is more physically, emotionally and financially exhausting for them as both parties have to attend the proceedings in court and participate in the attempt to discredit the complaint or claims of the other as well as a ground for a divorce must be established. And lastly, the contested divorce may be available for those parties whose marriage are not registered in Thailand but they are living or are employed in the country for a considerable amount of time.

On the other hand, the process involved in a Thai uncontested divorce is simpler and is more cost effective that the contested divorce. This procedure also does not demand for a ground for divorce but only a mutual understanding between the two parties to end their marriage. And rather than in courts, the divorcing couple must be physically present at the Amphur to personally make known of their intentions to dissolve the marriage.

Divorce for UK National in Thailand

It is highly recommended for a UK citizen, who is married to a Thai or with another foreign national, to approach their respective lawyers for either of these divorce procedures primarily to make certain that a divorce in Thailand would be recognized in the United Kingdom. This is primarily due to the fact that some sovereign countries do not honor divorce done in a foreign country like Thailand through a contested divorce or even through an uncontested divorce.

If the spouse of the UK national is a Thai then he should be aware that in case that their marriage would end in a divorce, his Thai spouse will most likely choose the uncontested divorce since this form is rather more popular for Thais than the contested one.

He and his spouse may only agree to have an uncontested divorce if their marriage is truly registered in Thailand otherwise this method will not be available for them.

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